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"In January 2012 I began a series of decompression treatments to correct pain in my lower back caused by a lifting injury. After treatments my back pain has gone away. I can now squat down, stand, sit, walk and carry on with my life free of lower back pain. I am impressed and seriously grateful for a correct diagnosis and treatment. Thank you!"

Larry T.

"After having back problems for 40 years this worked for me and I would recommend it to anyone."

Jim L.

"Very happy with the treatments I have recieved. The results turned out to be greater than I had expected. I had severe spinal problems and I trust Dr. Chris completely with his help. I'm sure I can avoid surgery for a few more years , if not forever!! I highly recommend this clinic."

Lynn C.

"I came in with terrible pain in my leg, and after 20 treatments on the decompression bed and massages the pain has gone away. I am warmer and feel great. The staff is wonderful. Thank you very much!!"

Betty C.

"Came in with crippling pain in low back and legs. After 20 decompression treatments with adjustments the pain is gone, I have increased mobility and am able to start strengthening core muscles."

Justin B.

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