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Back Pain

"I came in with upper back pain and within 3 visit everything felt 100%!"

Tracey H.

"Chiropractic has been a significant factor in recovering from severe lower back pain."

Claude P.

"For the first time in many years I believe I have found a Doctor of Chiropractic who is truly "for the patient". In one month of regular visits to Dr. Senko, I have come from suffering in constant, extreme pain with chronic neck and back pain and severe headaches day and night, to feeling not only a wonderful sense of relief from the pain, but a complete and total sense of wellness overall."

Lorraine O.

"I feel much better since starting here. The pain is my neck and back has greatly decreased."

Shelbie K.

"I came with severe lower back pain but after a couple of weeks of adjustments I have less pain and able to function more properly."

Jeamy C.

"Had chronic numbness in left hand, fore finger, and middle finger. This decreased with adjustments."

Justin B.

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