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"I'm very happy with Dr.Chris and his concern and care. The front desk staff are very nice and I appreciate being aknowledged when I arrive and when I leave."

Carla K.

"My experience has been really good here. I enjoy Dr. Chris as my chiropractor and the front end staff as well. Everybody has been very heplful and friendly."

Bev M.

"I have done indepth research into the Essentials multi-mineral and anti-oxident supplements and can attest to the fact that they are in an elite handful which are number one worldwide! I sincerely feel increased energy taking these and my activity level has grown. I am thrilled to have found Dr. Chris Senko and will continue my ongoing commitment to his chiropractic care and complete overall wellness. The benefits are amazing!! Thank you Dr. Senko!!"

Lorraine O.

"Have recieved excellent care and treatments!"

Shannon M.

" I now have more energy, feeling better, less pain."

Alex P.

"I like coming here. Friendly staff and knowledgable."

Blaine C.

"Prior to visiting I suffered from any seated movement and excercise and now I am nearly pain free!"

Kali G.

"I have never been to the chiropractor, I was definitely very tentative, but I can't belive the results. I can actually tie my shoes without leaning against a wall!!"

Sandy B.

"I have been seeing Dr. Chris for leg pain that interrupted my sleep at night- within just a few adjustments I am now 99.9% improved, getting better each day, and having a great sleep at night."

Juanita T.

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