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Find Pain Relief with Orthotics from Your Chiropractor

Written By Coates Chiropractic Clinic on August 13, 2019

Spinal alignment requires the full cooperation of the body, from your head to your feet. When your feet do not articulate themselves correctly, it can affect your posture and your comfort. If you are suffering from back, knee, or foot... Read More

Therapeutic Massage and Chiropractic

Written By Coates Chiropractic Clinic on July 12, 2019

As much as 80 percent of the population in the U.S. will experience back pain at one time in their lives. This condition can be quite debilitating, accounting for 264 million lost workdays every year. Many back pain sufferers have... Read More

Promoting Chiropractic Wellness Care

Written By Coates Chiropractic Clinic on June 13, 2019

Many wellness avenues exist today, but few are as comprehensive as chiropractic wellness care. By addressing issues affecting the nervous system, most of the systems of the body are also impacted to relieve pain and other symptoms. Regular chiropractic care... Read More

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