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Promoting Chiropractic Wellness Care

Written By Coates Chiropractic Clinic on June 13, 2019

Woman getting chiropractic wellness careMany wellness avenues exist today, but few are as comprehensive as chiropractic wellness care. By addressing issues affecting the nervous system, most of the systems of the body are also impacted to relieve pain and other symptoms. Regular chiropractic care may also prevent future illness and injury.

The Impact of the Nervous System

Because nerves send sensory information to every area of the body, a healthy nervous system is an essential first step to a healthy body overall. When misalignments occur in the spine, they can directly impact the health and function of the nervous system. By setting the spine back into alignment, stress is relieved on the nerves, which can provide far-reaching improvement to the rest of the body as well.

The Mind-Body Connection

While chiropractic care is a core essential to a higher level of wellness, it does not stand alone in that effort. When combined with other natural therapies, such as mindfulness meditation and deep breathing, the benefits increase even more. A 2016 study found that when people with chronic back pain combined treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy or mindfulness training, they had more improvement in both their pain level and functionality.

Chiropractic Wellness Care as Treatment and Prevention

A wellness plan that includes chiropractic care at its core offers a myriad of benefits ranging from addressing current conditions to preventing future ones. Correct spinal alignment ensures the body can function at peak efficiency.

According to a 2005 study, patients that underwent chiropractic care also saw improvement in basic functions like breathing, digestion, and circulation. Whether chiropractic care is administered as a treatment for a specific complaint or for overall health maintenance, the benefits are far-reaching for many patients.

Dr. Chris Senko of Coates Chiropractic has more than a decade of experience helping patients achieve greater function, less pain, and healthier lives overall. To schedule an appointment, contact Coates Chiropractic today at 403-343-7898.

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