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Need Sciatica Treatment? Target the Pain at its Source with Decompression

Written By Coates Chiropractic Clinic on January 16, 2020

sciatica treatment

Sciatica and low back pain go hand in hand. 

Many people don’t realize that sciatica isn’t a condition itself. It’s a secondary condition that stems from damage in your low back.

That’s why sciatica treatment should target the pain at its source: disc injury in your low back. 

How Does Spinal Decompression Treat Sciatica?

Bulging, herniated, or damaged discs don’t only cause pain in your back – they can trigger other problems across your entire body such as tingling or numbness in your arms and legs or headaches.

When there’s a damaged disc in your low back, it’s common for the disc to irritate or pinch your sciatic nerve running down through your buttock and thigh. 

When that happens, you’ll notice intense electric-like pain at seemingly random times. Symptoms of sciatica include:

  • Shooting pain down one leg that’s often worse while sitting or bearing weight down on the affected leg
  • Numbness, tingling, or weakness in one leg
  • Pain in one hip or buttock

With non-surgical spinal decompression, the goal is to heal your damaged vertebra and ultimately relieve pressure on the irritated sciatic nerve. Studies show that non-surgical decompression is effective for decompressing discs and relieving low back pain.

You’ll lie on a table with a strap around your low back for 25-45 minutes while your doctor adjusts the table to gently stretch your spine. The stretching reduces built-up pressure on your damaged disc so that oxygen, blood, and nutrients can make their way in to stimulate natural healing.

Well-Rounded Sciatica Treatment in Red Deer

Dr. Chris Senko will start by asking you questions about your symptoms and medical history. He may also order thermal imaging and x-rays to paint a thorough picture of your spinal injury. 

From there, he’ll let you know if you’re a suitable candidate for nonsurgical decompression and let you know about all your other options. 

Don’t accept sciatica pain as normal! Call to schedule an appointment at Coates Chiropractic Massage Therapy & Spinal Decompression in Red Deer today at 403-343-7898.



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